About Us

Over the past decades, our team and their families have dedicated themselves to using less artificial ingredients and chemicals for the betterment of their lives. We embrace the use of organic and natural ingredients in our everyday lives and encourage those around us to do the same.

Driven by consumer demand – the organic and natural market has expanded rapidly and is continuing grow. Due to the rapid expansion and the lack of industry regulations, it can be confusing and difficult to select truly pure skin care products. While one can trust organic certifications on food items or shop the local farmer’s market, skin care and cosmetics can be very vague. The inexplicit packaging regulations for skin care and cosmetics, allows for misleading statements by the manufactures. Unfortunately, “Greenwashing” has become very common within the skin care industry. You can read about it in our “Why Organics” article.

We do the research for you; by reading and deciphering the labels we have found several brands that can be fully trusted. Our goal is to feature only high quality, high performance and professional grade products, that we stand behind on our website.

We welcome all feedback and will transform it into actions and protocols to improve our business, insuring our customer satisfaction will be at the highest level possible.

Thank you for trusting us with your skin care needs.
The buyilike team