Lighten Up Your Skin!

Posted on09/22/2022

Let’s face it, deep down most of us feel like we look better with a tan, especially in the heat of the summer when we spend weekends in swimwear, shorts, or cute little sundresses. Often, we believe that a "sun-kissed" glow looks more attractive, even healthy!

Just a little extra color doesn’t hurt, right? Wrong! Tanning is our skin’s way of trying to protect itself from UV damage that can lead to premature aging, damaged DNA, and even skin cancer. Our body attempts to protect itself from sun damage. We all know better than to lounge poolside all day without sun protection, but even driving in our cars exposes us to sun!

We really need to protect our skin every day (even during the fall and winter!) to maintain healthy skin that that not only looks great, but functions well, too.

If you have hyperpigmentation...

...from too much sun (or another contributing factors), now is the time to focus on minimizing the damage and prevent future harm. You can even out your complexion with ilike organics’ incredible products that target hyperpigmentation.

Our Brightening Moisturizer for Face, Hands and Body, as well as our Yogurt Power Peel along with our Stonecrop and Apple and Lemon products work well to lighten dark spots and brighten your overall skin tone. When used routinely, these products will not only lighten overly pigmented spots, but they will also help to prevent new dark spots from developing.

Stonecrop, Bearberry, Lemon, and Lactic Acid are just a few of the powerful ingredients that lighten hyperpigmentation. Our Brightening Moisturizer was developed with an amazing new ingredient - Undecylenoyl Phenylalanine. What? Don’t worry about pronouncing the name correctly but know that it is a trademarked organic compound derived from Castor Seed, which prevents skin cells from producing melanin pigmentation. This key ingredient inhibits melanotropin that controls tyrosinase activity (tyrosinase is an essential enzyme in the production of melanin,) therefore reducing the pigmentation process.

Are you still up for a Fall vacation?

Minimizing sun damage doesn’t just include correcting hyperpigmented spots. It is also essential to protect the skin against future damage.

Our Tomato Face & Body Moisturizer for Exposed Skin is the final step in your home care to help protect all areas that may be exposed to the sun. A great antioxidant booster that fights free radical damage and enhances a healthy complexion, this lightweight moisturizer contains Lycopene that works with our skin’s own natural sun defense for extra protection. This is a soothing hydrator that should be used every day to help your skin naturally defend itself against UV.

Lightening, brightening...

...and preventing future hyperpigmentation will help your complexion look more youthful and radiant.

Get out and enjoy the crisp fall temperatures and beautiful changing colors - just don’t forget to protect your skin!