Dry Winter Skin Care Remedies

Posted on02/18/2017

Most part of our world experiences changing seasons, which means cooler temperatures on the Northern Hemisphere. While there are many enchanting experiences of winter, it can also bring dry air, and that ultimately lead to dehydrated or dry skin.

When the temperature drops, so does the humidity level. Combine dry air with harsh winds and central heating, and you get the perfect storm for chapped lips, itchy cracked hands and other signs of dryness induced sensitivity. That is why, just like our environment changes with the seasons, you should also change your skin care rituals.

We love to bring you free advice that people pay hundreds of dollars to learn… So, here are our experts’ advice for making sure skin looks and feels fresh, not parched, all winter long.

Besides drinking plenty of water and using a humidifier in your room (especially at night)…

Avoid foaming cleansers

Foaming cleansers contain synthetic ingredients, such as sodium laureth sulfate, that are not only bad for the environment but also leave the skin surface alkaline while stripping it from oil and moisture. This surface dehydration will stimulate the sebaceous glands in the pores to overproduce oil. Eventually, this could lead to clogged pores and even acne spots.

Opt for non-foaming cleansing gels or cleansing milks, such as ilike organic skin care’s Rose Petal Cleansing Milk and Nettle Exfoliating Wash.


A gentle scrub removes dead skin cells, and is an essential part of any skin care routine, especially in the winter months. Exfoliation gets rid of dry, flaky cells that stick to the skin surface, opening up pores and revealing healthy skin for a brighter, healthier and more youthful complexion. Scrubs are more gentle, while peels – that dissolve the dead skin cells – are even more effective.

Try ilike organic skin care’s Rosehip Exfoliator or for an even deeper exfoliation opt for the Yogurt Power Peel.

Snow and your skin

Moisturize more

Because of the drier air inside and out most people need heavier moisturizing during the winter months. But be careful as a non-suitable moisturizer could clog pores and cause breakouts. Look for non-comedogenic creams and organic options.

Face oils are gaining popularity because they are very concentrated, super hydrating and absorb quickly.

For good hydration and protection of your winter dry skin try ilike organic skin care’s rich moisturizers or Linden & Marigold Rich Moisturizer. You may opt for the Q10 Serum for its powerful antioxidant benefits and a dewy glow.

Use a hydrating spay throughout the day

If your skin feels dehydrated during the day from errands in the cold weather or from the central heating, a quick remedy can be a spray on toner or hydrating mist.

To quench the thirst of your skin keep ilike organic skin care’s Stonecrop Toner handy and use it a few times a day, as needed. This alcohol free hydrating mist penetrate through your makeup, while it doesn’t make it messy. A couple spray at a time is like giving your thirsty skin a drink of water.

Use lip balm on your red, irritated nose

Blowing your nose causes redness and irritation? This may sound ridiculous but if you use an organic lip balm made with Shea Butter, Beeswax and herbal oils as an overnight treatment on your irritated nose, you may wake up to healed skin.

To reduce redness and irritation, try ilike organic skin care’s Cool Mint Lip Balm that can also be beneficial if you have a cold or sinus infection.

UPDATE: Read more about best wintertime moisturizing practices here.